Hello there,

So first I know there is already some topics about this issue, but none really answered and "up" thread often doesn't work, and I think it could be THE topic if anyone find a solution.

Here is my problem:

I did the 1.1.3 Official DevTeam JailBreak, and I forgot to update the Installer to version 3.0b10 before doing it.
So, as many users, I'm now stuck when I try to update or when I try to install an application with this error:

"Main script execution failed"

So, what I wanted to know is: Is there a solution to fix this issue WITHOUT restore to 1.1.1 with recovery mode and re-do activate/jailbreak/Update 1.1.2 jailbroken/TurboSim (for me), update the installer and then re-do the 1.1.3 JailBreak ?

I know it's just a matter of time, so if there isn't ANY solution, I will do it...

I tried to delete the installer app via SSH with WinSCP and then copy the 3.0b10 version of installer I downloaded to the folder /Applications (and put to the rights to 0755), but then when I reboot, Installer just didn't load, stay white and then return to the springboard automatically.

I re-reboot and then, I've the older installer with the same problem of the update and the error...

Thanks for reading.