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Discuss [1.1.2] Screen not work properly after Ziphoned at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; A friend has asked me to fix his iPhone, unfortunately I was not able to ...
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    Default [1.1.2] Screen not work properly after Ziphoned

    A friend has asked me to fix his iPhone, unfortunately I was not able to help him.
    This is a very strange problem, I never saw this before.
    This phone was an otb 1.1.2. He managed to use "Zibrick's software" and wanted to active and jailbreak it, the result of this operation was not good and the phone started to have strange symptoms. Plus Ziphone has downgrade the bootloader without any warning! As the phone didn't work properly, he again used Ziphone and ziphone do the 3.9 BL downgrad again !!! He tries again many times to restore in different firmware and end up with the lasts tried on 1.1.4.
    The iPhone absolutely do not works properly, only works :

    - Put iPhone in DFU mod and restore.
    - Volume button
    - wake up and home buton.
    - Switch off slider works in combination with the sleep button.

    The touch screen do not react on the finger, I mean, the iPhone start and goes in the springboard, then it seems that the screen doesn't work. Impossible to go in menu or start program. The screen seems to not react on the finger. But that's strange is that when the phone start to go in sleep mod (I mean start to become dark), when you touch one part of the screen, he switch again in normal state. Somewhere the screen react then ?
    And also when I switched off the phone, pushing long the wake up buton, I was then able to slide the switch off slider. For the rest of the function of the screen phone touch fonctions, nothing other works. We again yesterday tried to restore, erase the baseband then restore again, but the result was always the same.
    I was thinking that something, maybe gone wrong with the bootloader (even if I do not believe this), I wanted to exctract the BL from the phone and compare it with winhex with an other one, who knows what can happen if some bytes are wrong in some places of the bootloader ? the phone could maybe run and not work properly. But to do a dump of the bootloader without to have the screen working, without to be able to set the wifi and to use ssh or use mobile terminal is really complicate and out of my knowledge.
    Yesterday, we use iPlus to install all in one, firmware and the necessary package. Installation works, we saw the terminal, but could not access it as the screen is not working, no chance to set a wifi connexion!
    So, I have no other idea and ask if someone could help with a solution before maybe attempting to open it and reflash the bootloader with the hw solution (if there is chance that works!). I would try something other before open it ! If there is other solution...
    Or is this case a desperate case without output ?
    Please thanks for your precious help.
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