Hi, just wanted to share one of the good stories.
I had a 1.1.2otb lying around since december and got stuck with it cause of BL4.6. The only thing i wanted to use as HW solution was TurboSim because of the ability to reprogram, but i even donīt have an original tmobile sim card .-)

So i was nearly by to put my tools on the desc to open and use the testpoint method. But yesterday the soft-method came up and i did exactly what is discribed in this http://www.macbug.de/2008/02/08/ipho...ock-anleitung/ tutorial (german of course).

So. On my jailbroken iphone i installed BSD, SSH and Vterm and copied the gunlock files to the directories that they should go. Then into airplane mode and opened Vterm and entered the specific lines...

It took about 5 minutes for everything to complete. Everything works seamless and after that i restarted my phone, plugged my eplus sim into and was finished.

So for me itīs gone really perfect :-) From synchronising in iTunes to Safari to YouTube :-)

The only question that i have is - can i go to 1.1.3 with the DEV Team softgrade?
Or would you suggest to stay in 1.1.2?
The installer asks me something about the lockdwn file and i donīt know what is meant by that...

Thanks for your answers.


(working on Mac)