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Discuss [1.1.2 OTB] Question, HW unlock bbupdater at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; another question, when you're done with everything do the covers snap back on? or will ...
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    another question, when you're done with everything do the covers snap back on? or will it be flimsy and loose? (assuming the covers weren't bent a lot or at all)
    history of my iPhone 2G 8GB:

    1.1.2 - 04.02.13_G - geohot testpoint (sold)
    1.1.2 - 04.02.13_G - ziphone
    1.1.3 - 04.03.13_G - dev-team cydia update
    1.1.4 - 04.04.05_G - iLiberty+
    2.0.1 - 04.05.04_G - winpwn
    2.0.2 - 04.05.04_G - winpwn
    2.1 - 04.05.04_G - quickpwn
    2.2. - 04.05.04_G - quickpwn
    2.2.1 - 04.05.04_G - quickpwn
    3.0 - 04.05.04_G - redsn0w
    3.1.2 - 04.05.04_G - blackra1n
    3.1.3 - 04.05.04_G - redsn0w

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    Quote Originally Posted by jumphopspin View Post
    what did you use to open up the casing? i'm planning to just use a small knife and probably a plastic bag or saran wrap to minimize the scratching on the phone.
    also, i tried looking for a magnifying glass, but i don't have one readily available. but i have pretty good vision 20/20! will that be enough?

    or is the trace this small? | <--
    I just went for the quick unlock solution ... took the knife and started like in the video ... was suprised that the antenna cover was easy ... did had some scratches but in the end when I assembled it back together, I didnt see a thing on the antenna cover.

    The alu case, thats something else ... I you want to wait, get a ipod opener that comes with the battery replacement kit (some links in the tutorial ... ifixit and another one) , if you cant wait just make sure you have something very thin and with a blade bigger the an screwdriver ... I bought some "mini wood chisels" and I used a kind of swiss knife ... the side without any buttons went very easy, the other side however was terrible, there are some comments that stated just the opposite, I guess it has to do with the side that you started with ...

    It was ugly at one point, I was using my knife almost as a saw ... could have done this with more precaution, but hat the heck, on ebay you can find these quite cheap ...

    The the printleads ... my god they are really tiny ... bought a special magnifier for 15 and still it was too small to have continued but I really wanted to complete this. I scraped some isolation away with a (watch) screwdriver, like the one used for the three screws but then a flat one.

    Went quite good, 4 tries and voila ...
    Re-assembling went, ofcourse, quite easy, just had to bend the side (of the alu case ) that was the most difficult, a little bit to have it straightend out, the corner of a table was the tool for this


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