This is my story which is about a month old now. I am a Mac user and I know what I do i.e. usually

So started H/w Unlock guide, was following it perfectly till ienew did not give expected output (even once)

So I read the forum and some ppl say go ahead with iunew...

I did that now for about 50 times and it did not work.

In panic mode, I restored to 1.1.2 again but it finished with 1011 error

Then I followed another guide

1) 1.0.2 -> ibricker -> terminal/BSD -> upload the right otb112 package -> ienew/iunew

again ienew (always) waiting for data and Iunew -> always Spamming AT

Tried 100 times

1.1.3 restore is also finishing with 1011 error and its not fixing the baseband...

Anyways out???

I have 1.0.2 restored finished with 1011 but I made spring board to work using ibricker