thx in advance,

I am in the middle of hw unlocking, @1.1.1, typed ienew and worked, then iunew worked but did not connected test point successfully yet.

and then... the phone accidentally restarted (out of battery). so i connected the usb cable to charge and started again...

now no wifi,

go into the terminal window to run iunew, the first time it says the same thing with a 'please connect the test point' thingy at the end,

i thought everything's okay and i charged the phone and take a long break (a nap), the iphone was staying at the terminal window during the nap.

after the nap, i get up and run a "sleep 20; iunew" while tries to connect the test point, at the end it says "did you earase flash yet" thingy.

and then the third time running iunew it says
'attempting to read[1]...c0'
'connected established to bootrom'
'zsh: bus error iunew'

(same message thereafter)

when running ienew it says 'waiting for data' and then 'can't write'.

"bbupdater -v" it says
"error: failed to initialize comm layer: (is it open by another app?)"

now i am stuck here at a no wifi.

is there a way to fix it?