My 1.1.2 OTB HW unlock failed. I ran ienew from 1.1.2 (not sure if that has to do with it though). At some point it restarted, nevertheless I ran iunew and got please connect test point about 3 times. After that I always got stuck at "Spamming AT" message.

I tried to downgrade to 1.1.1 and in the end figured the only restore i could do was to 1.0.2. (with the help of iBrickr). I've got No sound, No Wifi, IMEI Unknown, ICCID unknown and slow response when the comm center is loaded.

Restore to anything but 1.0.2 fails with Error 1.

I've installed BSD, terminal, uictrl, unloaded comm center and rerun ienew and then iunew and I still get stuck at "Spamming AT". Chmod the files correctly.

I've connected the needles before, during, at the precise time, after, and always the same message.

I understand I might've messed up my baseband and the only way to reflash the whole thing is updating to 1.1.3??

Can some1 please help me with current status or should I just update to 1.1.3??

Thanks in advance,


BTW: When I unload the commcenter i get a blue/white E on my top left corner, beside the signal bars, is this normal?