this is how i fixed it!

in order to downgrade your 1.1.3 iphone.... follow this guide!

for windows you will need this version of iphuc...

and also itunesmobile.dll from itunes version 7.4.2 and readline5.dll

then follow this guide!

in windows you can use ibrickr 0.91 or apptapp to kick your iphone out of dfu mode!

i had to to this step once.. then downgrade again normally in order to make it work! but it works now!!!!

this saved my day! and fixed my ****** up 1.1.2 otb basebad issues (no sound, wifi, imei and stuff)

so you can say that 1.1.3 fixes many baseband issues with 1.1.2 otb iphones....

only use this procedure if you know what you are doing and if you ****** up your baseband... i dont want to attemp to unlock this phone until a software unlock is ready... so is going to be just the expensive ipod touch for now....