All right then.... I'm afraid I have no more ideas, I tried all this methods and cant get my iphone to get some service:

1) First I tried the SSH way with Putty and all that stuff: it gave me the "iPhone unlocked" message but no signal was detected... then I accidentally restored the iphone to 1.1.3 so then i did the downgrade to 1.1.1 and jailbreaked, but i now got a message in the "Slide to unlock" screen that said: "Please insert an activated or valid SIM for iphone" (but Bootloader was still 4.6)

2) Then I tried the iClarified method (performing the 1.1.2jb before), but the unlock crashed a couple times. At least that removed the message of "wrong SIM"

3) Then I tried the vterm method and got again the "iPhone unlocked" message but again: NO SIGNAL and can't use the dialpad cause it closes (same with SMS).
(I did set the airplane mode ON befor typing the vterm commands and then I reloaded the commcenter after the unlock message)

I live in Argentina (just in case that's usefull information)


Thanks so much to everyone for all the help you give and of course the hard work to get this baby unlocked!