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Discuss [1.1.2 OTB] Buy a StealthSIM or wait for "Chinese Santa" ?? at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; i think this is not really chinese santa and i think to buy stealth sim ...
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    i think this is not really chinese santa
    and i think to buy stealth sim this is my openion

    but if chinese guys unlocked by software and trying to sell it by expensive price
    we will say thanks.
    and we will buy stealth sim

    and i'm really if i unlocked iphone coz i heared some news about some one on my area unlocking 1.1.2 by software
    i talked with them and i will tell this forum tommorow when i unlock my iphone i will know everthing he makes to my phone he said by 200 l.e that =36.26
    if i know how he can unlock iphone
    this price = nothing

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    Saint355: My friend, I don't think you are an asshole. And the most probably thing is that you have reason in all what you say. But the comments about a foreign language really stink. I'm a Spaniard, my primary language is obviously Spanish. I can also speak Catalan, Euskera and French, and as you see English.
    The community is formed by people all over the world and not of 'em are suspected to write in English, so it's possible that this Chinese man writes his blog and news in Chinese because it's his main language and that doesn't mean he's not as efficient as any other people all over the world. Just an opinion. Greetings.
    In Spanish:
    Saint355. Amigo mío, no creo que seas un gilipollas. Y probablemente tengas razón en todo lo que dices, pero los comentarios acerca de una lengua extranjera realmente apestan. Soy español, mi lengua materna es obviamente el español-castellano. También puedo hablar catalán, euskera, francés y como puedes ver inglés.
    La comunidad está formada por gente de todo el mundo y no se les supone a todos que tengan que escribir en inglés, de modo que es posible que este hombre chino escriba en chino su blog o sus noticias porque sea su lengua materna y ello no quiere decir que no sea tan eficiente como cualquier otra persona del mundo. Es sólo una opinión. Saludos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alphasquadron View Post
    I agree with Saint, we should just shut down this forum, cause all the information is on google. Or we already know all this information like Saint because we are all so freakin smart like him.
    Guys just quit posting on the forum plz. Im gonna ask the mod to shut down the forum now. Good Luck finding info on google.
    Mouahahahah best dumb post ever !

    Google is just a search engine, if we close this forum, how do you access the Google result pointing here ?

    We accept to shutdown this forum if you accept turn on your brain (both sides indeed).


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