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Discuss 1.1.2 OOTB working fine - should I upgrade on 1.1.3 ? at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; Hello, I have 1.1.2 OOTB, unlocked among firsts, I have downgraded it to 1.1.1, JB ...
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    Default 1.1.2 OOTB working fine - should I upgrade on 1.1.3 ?

    Hello, I have 1.1.2 OOTB, unlocked among firsts, I have downgraded it to 1.1.1, JB there, added source to Installer, Unlocked (TNX GEOHOT) and Shift + Update in iTunes and now I have great 1.1.2 phone. Everything works, Caller ID, apps, everything but I see that a lot of people are on 1.1.3. Why ? What is better on that version ? I read that battery life is better ? What else ? Will my phone be locked again if I hit Shift + Update in iTunes, and then I must unlock it with ZiPhone ? Will every photo and video remain on my phone ? Will my apps work ? I have ApolloIM, SMSd, Customize, Summerboard, MNPlight, BossPrefs, SwirlyMMS and iDeleteMail. Those are apps that I need, will they work on 1.1.3 or maybe with some upgrades trough Installer ?

    So, the main question is, now I have everything working, what will I gain and lose if I upgrade it on 1.1.3 ?

    Please write me simple and helpful answers, the same as I have when I was able to help. I am little lost in this unlock and JB stories, there is iTunes update, on other side there is upgrade and JB from Installer, on other Nates JB, on other DevTeam upgrade 1.1.3 and JB, I am REALLY lost here I just want to have same iPhone as now, with everything on it but just have some extra stuff that 1.1.3 has and some things improved with new firmware.

    Tnx and greetings

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    No. Never upgrade just because its higher firmware. It will give you headaches so do what you can to stay at 1.1.2

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    ok, tnx but why are you on 1.1.3 then ? What is better than 1.1.2 ?



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