hello, just a tip to people about to upgrade to 113 from 112.

make sure, that in 112, you update the installer - the first time when it is launched, stroll around in installer and it will say an update is available. Do it...

I didn't do it the last time, and I upgraded to 113 but I can't find the installer - still unlocked and is exactly like a 113 OTB, but no installer.

so I went back all the way to 111 and all the way to 112, and i updated the installer and it worked like a charm.

and for those not using the "official 1.1.3 upgrader" - that is, if you're using "soft 1.1.3 jailbreak" from iclarified (the end result is the same), but this one from iclarified requires you to install BSD subsystem first. I cant get the version 2.0 to install (error blabla, null), so there are other sources providing 1.5 which also works fine (ie. iphone4.tw/apps)