Hi everybody.

Thanks to all information posted in this forum , I managed to unlock the newly USA purchased iphone version 1.1.2 Bootloader 4.6 with Turbo Sim.

The telephone is fully functional under Swiss Orange sim card only with small exception that the reception quality has been deteriorated. ( Need to come out to the balcony to get full reception ) comparing to the other phone I was using before. But This little problem is liviable..

I would like to post the following question:

When I try another sim card together with the Turbo Sim, in the iphone I receive "wrong sim card " message.
Now since I am about to change my Phone company , I will get a new sim card.
What should I do to be able to use the iphone again.

I was thinking to restart the Turbo sim process all over again...
Or do I need to start from the scrach?? (recovery)

Any ideas ...

Many Thanks