Hi guys!

My iPhone (revirginized 1.02, upgraded to 1.1.1) works flawlessly, but there's one thing I don't understand:

I have to use 2 different SIM cards in my job. When I swap cards, the "second" card works. But if I want to swap back, I get the message "No SIM" in the upper left corner.
The "first" card will only work again if I put the AT&T card in before swapping back.

To make it clear: I'm using 2 SIM cards, the AT&T one is just to be able to swap back. So I end up using 3 cards to be able to use 2 cards.

I did the jailbreak using this guide:


(iPhuc jailbreak ... )

I'm using the patched lockdown file from this post:


To come back to the first lines of this post: I know that SIM cards aren't this heavy (so it's no prob carrying 1 more around) and it's not a very big problem, but I'm curious why I have to use the AT&T card.

Have a nice day and thank you!