I bought my iPhone in Oct just after 1.1.1 was released. I had successfully downgraded to 1.0.2 and BB 3.1 and unlocked before the 1.1.1 jailbreak and anySIM 1.1 were released.

In late October I wanted to upgrade to 1.1.1 so I virginized the baseband and restored to 1.1.1 then used the one touch jailbreak and the new anySIM 1.1 to unlock the new baseband. This all worked perfectly.

Now, I wouldn't mind updating to 1.1.2 (or for that matter waiting until 1.1.3 JB and soft unlock are ready). From what I have read on the forum it is possible now to OktoPrep and then upgrade to 1.1.2, the jailbreak and unlock with anySIM 1.2.1u in airplane mode.

However, because I originally used 1.0.2 to unlock, should I virginize the 4.0.1 baseband I currently have before I upgrade to 1.1.2? The post that outlined the upgrade to 1.1.2 was focused mainly on OTB 1.1.1's that were unlocked with anySIM 1.1 and I would obviously prefer not to brick the phone.

Thanks all,