Hi, i decided yesterday to get my iphone into 1.1.1 firmware, it was on the 1.0.2 one. I could use the phone and everything but I hadn't installerapp and any applications. So I restored my iphone to 1.1.1 firmware and than jailbreaked it with jailbreakme.com. I tried to unlock the phone with Anysim but it didn't work, i learned that i had to "virginize" my iphone first. So I virginize my iphone and then restored again, as it's said, to the 1.1.1 firmware. All was successfull, I jailbreaked it again and then used anysim. This time, anysim worked well, but then I had this problem : My Wi Fi was not available anymore. It was saying NO WI FI in the settings of my iphone. I tried to restore it into 1.1.1 again, but when itunes finished the task, an error pop up : error 1101, your iphone cannot be restored.

I tried to restore it about 5 times and the same error is popping everytime. I tried to reinstall itunes, to erase backup files in itunes, but it won't work. Now, my iphone is in recovery mode and i don't know what to do. (I was restoring my iphone with a 1.1.1 firmware that i downloaded and that I was manually choosing)
And I am using a PC with Windows Xp

Thank you!