I tried to search for a few days for a solution but couldn't find one. So any help would be appreciated.

My iPhone is a 1.02 with 03.14 BB and unlocked with anysim 1.0

The phone worked for about 2 weeks with only Installer and NES.
Didn't install any more apps other than NES.
Didn't update/upgrade the phone of course.
Suddenly acted really weird, slow response and auto restart
So I did a restore
I have jailbreaked, activated, installer and PXL the iPhone again.

However, now my iphone:

1. No Sound, No Wifi, No Signal/No Service

2. iPod function not working, able to upload/sync songs to my iPhone but it'll
stay at 0:00 when I tap Play

3. keypad Slow response, when I tap a number on the keypad.. it'll take at least
5 seconds before it'll show up on the screen.

4. The shut down/switch off process takes longer than usual. 30 secs-1min...

I can jailbreak, activate, install apptapp 0.92, install PXL with ibrickr the phone with no problem.

Checked Setting-General-About, Correct Capacity, correct version, correct IMEI, correct Modem version

Did restore with yellow triangle method and the "10sec/12sec" method for a few times, problems still exist.

Please help.... What else can I do?

Thank you!