I was hoping some of us could put our heads together for this. So what I have is a 1.0.2 out of the box and I'm using ATT's sim and service in the US and unlocked it using one of the first versions of iUnlock so i could use it overseas when I travel. I attempted to revirginize using xadnanx's guide here.


all went well until step 3.3 of the guide where I had to connect to the fake server using IPSF. I got the error where my phone was unauthorized to run the lock or something like that. At that point something happened and I had to restart both my iphone and my computer. After the restarts my iphone wasn't connecting to ATT but I still have WiFi. I get an error message that my SIM is unauthorized but I'm still able to navigate through Springboard.

I searched the forums to remedy the IPSF problem and used another DNS server and got my imei loader/bin file and proceeded with the rest of the guide without a problem. I restart my iphone but it still can't connect with ATT's network and I notice that the sound effects aren't coming out of my speaker and the vibrate function isn't working.

I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light on this. I think i sucessfully revirginized my iphone, so do you think it would be OK to update to 1.1.1? or should I be worried?

I need my phone back!