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Discuss [1.0.2 OTB] Unlocked, hangs a lot at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; I also had the hang on the Apple Logo/Endless reboot issue. One day after restoring ...
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    Default Fixing the Bootup-hang on Apple-Logo

    I also had the hang on the Apple Logo/Endless reboot issue.
    One day after restoring my iPhone again with v1.1.4, cracking with (iLiberty+), installing lots of applications (using Categories because i read about the 72..80 applications limitation), my iPhone crashed again!
    It just would not boot up and stay on the Apple-Logo (vibrating 2 times, 3 times etc), and than reboot after about 6 minutes.
    (The only difference is that it now did not show the turning-progression icon/star.)

    So, the Categories program did get rid of lots of icons on the SpringBoard, but it seemed it was not the needed solution!

    After some google-ing and trying some stuff i finally found the cause and the solution.
    SSH-ing into the iPhone, i just moved (the symbolink) /Applications to /App and my phone booted with an 100% empty SpringBoard (except all WebApps).
    After that i found with some trial and error that the problem is releated with the number of files/applications/directories in /Applications (or /var/Applications if moved).

    * ssh/winSCP into your iPhone
    * (move /App back to /Applications if you did this)
    * I made a temporary directory in /Applications and moved my last installed applications in it.
    * made sure the number of files are below 80 (ls|wc -l)
    * "reboot" and all was ok!

    Later i reread about the 80-application limitation and found the Solution to installing more Apps

    * Installed SummerBoard 2.3
    * Rebooted, and made sure SummerBoard was running
    * moved the application(directorie)s back from my temporary-directory to /Applications
    * rebooted again (to check if all is ok)

    I now have 85 applications/files in /Application and all works fine. I did not even have to re-install any application.

    Later i found out that my problem allready was listed by sling3 ((
    He describes the situation very well, and gives a solution. Only this solution on fixing it is a lot easier, and no deleting/reinstalling of any applications!

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    Default Try this to compare error reports and find a (hopefully) permanent solution

    Ok i have the same issue with all of you (sort of) and it's described here:

    I found that one can use iBooter to make the iphone boot in verbose mode thus allowing the user to see error reporting, warnings etc. I think we should all try doing that and share the booting results with everyone to compare them against each other.

    In order to make your iphone to boot in verbose mode try these:

    1) Download ibooter for your OS from here

    2) Put your Iphone in restore mode, holding power and home button until you see the iTunes icon on the screen

    3) Execute ibooter and issue a "setenv boot-args [-v]"

    4) Use "printenv" to output the results. It should be boot-args = -v and not someting like boot-args = -v]. Try to change the last argument on the command of step 3 to make it be boot-args = -v .

    5) Execute a "saveenv" to save the env variables and then "reboot"

    Then the iphone should reboot displaying the apple logo for a few secs and then the detailed booting procedure.

    Take a look at the booting sequence and post here your results (ie. any errors or on what step it hangs)

    To see my output, check:
    To err is human; To really f*ck up requires root.

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    Default Facing same issues with my IPhone 2G

    I am also facing the similar freezes with my IPhone 2G as you have mentioned in the below thread.

    I tried the turning off Autobrightness and Autolock to never, they alleviated the freezes but not completed solved it.

    I have recently upgraded to 2.1 version using iTunes 8 on Vista, still the same persists.

    So wondering if you had a premanent fix to these issues.




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