Hi guyz ,

i bought a second hand iphone today selling my 60GB video ipod !

i am very satisfied with it but dissapointed of just one FACT !

the version 1.0.2 does not give TV out/ Connection to Speakers ....

i have ipod JBL speakers which i thought i could use


well so the idea is clear .i need an upgrade BUT not the 1.1.3 cause there is no JailBreak

for it.

I would also be ETREMELY satisfied with the simple 1.1.1 UPGRADE cause it has TV out !!

My model Firmware is 04.01.13_G

+ how to identify if my phone is VIRGINIZED !

+ My current 1.0.2 is UNLOCKED & i use my regular sim on it

plz post instructions or links for the download + Unlocking of 1.1.1 .... .........

cause itunes only gives me 1.1.3

Help needed guyz ........ thanks