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Discuss [1.0.2 OTB] Advice on Unlock, Summerboard and EDGE at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; hi, i have a few issues with my iphone that i was wondering if anyone ...
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    Question [1.0.2 OTB] Advice on Unlock, Summerboard and EDGE

    hi, i have a few issues with my iphone that i was wondering if anyone could help me with......
    1) A short while ago i was using my phone normally, when it suddenly stopped letting me scroll down on the main screen with all the icons (using ibrickr i put on a few applications). after a while it began to annoy me so i uninstalled all the apps apart from sketches, and all of a sudden an app called 'FieldTest' appeared, which i didnt install and dont want it there. it doesnt show up in ibrickr, so i cant delete it. so, i thought that i would just install the installer app and then re-install all my icons, but i just tried to install a few apps using ibrickr, and they wont show up on the main screen after they say they have installed. i am very carefull i dont install 'unstable' apps so i didnt touch them....anyone know how i can get apps back on my phone and fieldtest away? i tried reinstalling ibrickr but no luck.

    2) im currently running on firmware 1.0.2 and want to upgrade. it was unlocked via anysim, so is there anyway i can update the firmware and keep the phone unlocked without it destroying the phone?

    3) i am on orange UK, and want the interent when im out and about, is there anyway i can activate EDGE? because it never lets me when im not at home on my wifi connection!

    i think thats it for now....any help would be great!

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    the answer to question number 1. the program called "summerboard" lets you scroll down the icon list on version 1.0.2 and on 1.1.2 (not sure about 1.1.1) it lets you have multiple screens and scroll horizontaly.

    the answer to question number 2 is yes but i will not go around searching for you. the turorial is here on this site and you won't have a hard time finding it.

    and question number 4 i can't help with since i live in USA although i rather live in UK.

    hope i was some-what helpful the average person here would have requested for the thread to be deleted just because of the title you gave it



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