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    Default [1.0.2 OTB -> 1.1.4 ] Simple step by step guide +Backup contacts/sms/history/photos

    This is just a simple guide i wrote out just for the "few" of the 1.0.2 users out there... in which i was part of before, haha.

    - Make sure you update iTunes or else your restore will come up with a 1603 error when trying to restore. This is assuming those who used/using 1.0.2 are still using the original iTunes that came with 1.0.2 .
    - Phone set to auto-lock=never
    - Download iLiberty (Or PWN if you have a Mac)
    - Download 1.1.4 firmware.
    Backup Old 1.0.2 Files If Necessary
    Let's say you want to back up your SMS, call history, contacts, settings, photos, then SSH your files off these folders in your iPhone:



    Call History

    Address Book
    /var/root/Library/AddressBook/AddressBook.sqlitedb AND

    Voicemail (If you are an ATT customer and have visual Voicemail)

    *NOTE* - Individual voicemails are stored as 1.amr, 2.amr, etc. If youíve recorded a custom greeting, itís stored as Greeting.amr.

    (Photos synced from iPhoto)-> /private/var/root/Media/Photos.

    Safari- bookmarks and history files in /var/root/Library/Bookmarks.plist and History.plist

    Cookies are stored in /var/root/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist
    A. Virginizing
    1) Add the source to installer
    2) Select Virginizer from Unlock category. Once you click Install, it begins, no turning back. This took me about 6mins.
    3) You should see a final confirmation screen after words.

    B. Restoring
    1) Plug your powered up iPhone into usb port.
    2) Hold power and home buttons for a while (~10-15secs) The screen should turn off, but keep holding it until at or after 10secs.
    3) Let go of power and but hold home button until you see "Connect to iTunes"
    4) iTunes will inform you to restore.
    5) Click restore while holding the SHIFT key.
    6) Select the 1.1.4 firmware from where you saved it.
    7) This takes well over 10-20mins so jus tbe patient here.

    C. Activate/Unlock/etc
    1) Install iLiberty
    2) When inside iLiberty, select what you want on the list and it will download the packs. Then just put a check on it.
    2a) I selected activate,unlock, installer, bsd, and openssh. Just some basics.
    3) When all is selected, just click ohe big button to begin.
    4) It'll tell you to turn it off and back on.
    5) You'll see a screen of text running down your iPhone. A series of activated, updating, unlocked information. This takes a few minutes.
    6) After that, it should all be done.

    D. Copy backup files back into the new 1.14
    1) Again, use SSH and find the folders, but this time, the folder in 1.1.4 is a little different.
    2) Go to var/mobile/ and you should figure it out by then.
    3) For me, I just overwrote all the files with the old files i had
    4) Turn power cycle the phone and everything should be the way it was when it was at 1.0.2, except now you're at 1.1.4. Everything was exactly the way before for me when i copied all the old files back to their respective folders. *Note: its now under "mobile" instead of "root" for the most part.*

    *If using PWN, do step A and B, then run PWNAGE to PWN (to modify your phone to accept custom IPSW files) your phone. Then create the custom IPSW file( the 1.1.4 firmware file) using that, then restore to iPhone using iTunes itself with your custom unlocked/activaed IPSW file.
    Good Luck!
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    Good guide, however the part where you restore you said:

    2) Hold power and home buttons for a while until the screen "fades" (~15secs)
    3) Let go of power and hold home button until you see "Connect to iTunes"

    you actually need to hold both power and home for EXACTLY 10 secs and then release power and keep presing home until you get the message from itunes

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    Updated with backup information and fixed the wording so it is more clear!



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