Hi guys,

First at all, Thanks dev team for your great work!

Yesterday i decided to soft-update my iphone from a 1.1.2 to 1.1.3. Everything ran well.
Installer was updated to the last version before i made the soft-update.
After the jailbreak finished I installed v-term again but could not get access to it, it was asking me a password which was not 'dottie' neither 'alpine'.
I also installed the Services.app which was not working.

Today i installed the SUID Lib Fix, and Term-vt100 SUID fix and the Services.app SUID fix, everything started to work as usual, i could access term inputing the alpine password.

then i decided to move my /Applications to /private/var/root in order to gain more space under /.

I rebooted and after that, could not start ssh again, could not access v-term and installer is giving me "Main script execution failed".

Do i have to start over doing an restore to 1.1.1 using itunes?? Any other possible solution?

Guys, i will appreciate your help,