Ok, I know that this will probably be my first post and hopefully I wont get flammed for it. But I have a question regarding unlocking the iphone with a previous 1.0.2 AnySim unlock.

If you had a 1.0 FW factory phone and updated it to the 1.0.2 and unlocked the phone with the AnySim, would it be possible to currently devirginize the iphone and update it to the 1.1.1 FW without any problems. I have done alot of reading, and currently it says that you wont be able to unlock the iphone with the IPSF method because the modified baseband will infact brick your phone.

So for the people who unlocked their iphone with anysim with the 1.0.2 FW, does it mean they're stuck with it or can they update to 1.1.1 and unlock it.