Hello everyone, i have been going through the forum for loong time now. and my problem started when i was trying to unlock the iphone using fake IPSF server.
the issue started when i corrupted my seczone. and tried all the solutions available in the forum but non was successful, basically my IMEI number has been erased.

when i heard about zibri's new solution (ziphone) i got disappointed since it can change the BL 4.6 only. BUT today i just heard about this new version which he announced 2.3 i said i wont lose anything to try using it and see if it works or not (although its not mentioned that it supports BL 3.9) ... and guess what? it worked like a charm.

but here is the trick. whenever you try to restore the iphone you will end up having a corrupted IMEI again. so do these steps whenever you restore and it will not fail.

here is the solution:

1- I used those steps on ziphone 2.3 (mac version)
2- i had a activated & jailbroken 1.1.1 iphone

1- connect iphone to the mac over USB
2- open up iTunes (if it doesnt open up automaticlly) and make sure iphone is connected
3- close iTunes without ejecting iphone
4- open up ziphone 2.3
5- on [Standard Options] tick [Unlock phone for any carrier]
6- on [Advanced] tick [Change phone's IMEI]
7- on the white box below [Change phone's IMEI] and put your IMEI which can be found at the back of the iphone
8- Click Start

you will end up with corrected 1.1.1 BL3.9 iphone.
if you're happy with this version do not go through the next steps.

if you decided to go for 1.1.3 firmware, which has a very nice features go through these steps:

1- close Ziphone
2- open up iTunes, ALT click on Restore
3- choose 1.1.3 firmware and wait till it finishes restoring
4- you will end up with wrong IMEI again, but do not worry it will be fixed soon.
5- once restore finished, make sure iphone is connected to computer, and open up ziphone 2.3 again
6- this time, on[Standard Options] tick [Jailbreak] & [Activate] then hi Start
7- once the above process finish, on [Standard Options] tick [Unlock phone for any carrier] and make sure you untick [Jailbreak] & [Activate]
8- move to [Advanced] Tab and tick [Change phone's IMEI] and enter your correct IMEI, then hit start

once the process is done, you will end up with corrected IMEI plus latest modem firmware 4.03.13 which can support locate feature in google maps.

many thanks to all the people who worked hard on the iphone development, and specially Zibri for this amazing newest software.

if you need zibri's latest software, you can find it on his blog: http:// z i p h o n e . o r g
i hope people who are stuck just like in my case correct their iphones.

keep up the good work