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Discuss 1.0.2 -> 1.1.1 (unlocked) tips, suggestions, basics, guide to guides (WINDOWs) at the iPhone "2G" (Rev. 1) -; I am the same guy who prev. unlocked 150, 1.0.2 iPhones using dev team's release. ...
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    Arrow 1.0.2 -> 1.1.1 (unlocked) tips, suggestions, basics, guide to guides (WINDOWs)

    I am the same guy who prev. unlocked 150, 1.0.2 iPhones using dev team's release.
    I kept one 4GB for my personal use I was satisfied with my 1.0.2 firmware. But the Wifi Store, bug fixes, new features like double tap home button to bring up the itunes miniplayer urged me to update. i wanted to wait for dev team jailbreak, activation release of which netkas posted, but its not yet released, so last night i started the upgrade process.

    heres my story, Vote if this worked for you..

    --i used a sony vaio laptop with win xp home for this process, nothing else--

    Basic Info
    The goal of all guides is same, they are just taking alternate routes or cutting short the process.. Read the whole guide before you start, so that you know what you are doing, you paid a lot, queued hours to get your iPhone! Open all guides in tabs before preceding, if you get an error or anything doesnot work look around for the basic heck used in it below,to do the specific thing again, search it in forums, google, you will get things working in end

    Virginizing- erase and reflash the seczone (use putty on PC or mobile terminal on iPhone to run commands).
    Jailbreaking- gaining read/write access to iphone filesystem, 2 methods (itouchfree,iBricker || tiff exploit in safari).
    Activating- copy lockdown files through iphoneinterface.exe || activate through some other online server.
    SimUnlock- use Anysim1.1, IPSF || flash baseband through commands
    Youtube- copy 3 certificate files to iphone.

    Putty- to run commands from PC to iphone
    WinSCP- for file transfer over wifi to phone

    BsdSubsytem- UNIX tools, commands for iPhone, BASE for iphone apps like openssh, mobile terminal..
    OpenSSH- to accept file transfer connections on iPhone
    Mobile terminal- run commands directly in iphone

    You won't see any icon for BsdSubsytem,OpenSSH in springboard whether installed or not. Even installer app may report wrong ,to check try connecting with WINSCP to phone..

    • 1.0.2 unlocked with anysim
    • WiFi source (can be a laptop too!!)
    • Upgrade files and tools
    • patience!

    Yes you can simply use the laptop , iPhone for file transfers, no wireless router required, just initiate a adhoc network from your laptop and kick off...

    1.0.2->1.0.2 virgin
    I used this guide to virginze my iPhone
    what this does is it runs a shell script with commands which you have to run manually other guides.
    do make a backup of seczone by copying all the text in putty window after seczone backup is finished.

    --After the process is complete your iPhone will come to out of box factory state. (Simlocked, jailed, unactivated) with 1.0.2 firmware--

    Upgrade to 1.1.1, jailbreak,activate,unlock and youtube
    Next i referenced to this guide from point 3 for rest of stuff.

    Easiest part is upgrade to 1.1.1 from 1.0.2 virgin. hold the shift button while pressing restore in iTunes to upgrade to 1.1.1.
    --After this your iPhone will be called 1.1.1 virgin--
    i trusted the iDemocracy to jailbreak , activate my phone.
    • *#307# remember this no., the procedure to go to settings page in iPhone, you will have to do it many times..even if not indicated.
    • Use static IP address for iPhone, set autolock->never
    • Wifi may drop after phone restarts, hence before preceeding on PC after , reconnect wifi after each restart by going in settings.
    • iDemocracy may tell that process completed successfully but in real its not, look for commands running without errors in windows that open and blank black windows should be there.

    After jailbreaking, installing bsdsubsytem,ssh,apptapp(correct file permissions), activating , try connecting with WINSCP and upload anysim 1.1. if it uploads, no need of reinstalling bsdsubsystem,openssh in phone with installer app in phone.
    Take care of file permissions (0755 instead of 0644) , autolock->never and run the anysim tool.

    copy the three magic files to specified folder manually through winscp, enjoy youtube.. don't trust any software for it.

    I didn't get a single error throughout the process!!

    Enjoy the new firmware, its more responsive, stable than 1.0.2.
    Connect to PC->itunes, if it asks to restore backup of iPhone let it do. you will get the phone with all settings,contacts, sms etc.. of the prev 1.0.2 phone.
    Play safe with itunes wifi store buy now button, it asks for password only once a session.
    again its not a IPSF support forum
    Thanks to dev team, all guide authors.. do leave feedback and suggestions, i know i missed something..
    Last edited by aakash; 10-26-2007 at 09:53 PM.
    iPhone 4 (ios 4.1, simfree, jailbroken)



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