Hi guys,

I think some of people were trying to looking for this news. Finaly i got my updated bricked iPhone back to works like normal with 03.xx.xx_G and fw 1.1.1.

I spent $50 for the guy to unlock it for me. At the time he was unlocking. I saw him use iBrickr + AppTap + SSH.

1. First of all he was restored to fw1.0.2

2. iBrickr to breakjail

3. replacing a few files inside the iPhone

4. load AppTap

5. SSH command line coding

6. use AnySiM to unlock

After, i got it unlocked i view the iPhone info and saw my firmware is 1.0.2 with 03.xx.xx_G modem baseband. I don't know how he did but i don't want to waste my times to sit around keep searching on internet days after days.

So, i am confirm that baseband 04.03.13_G can be replace and flash back to the state it was. I'm in South California. If you need assistant to unlock your phone. Post your comments here. That guy he will unlock your phone with any baseband or any firmware.