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Discuss Siri on iPad 3 running iOS 6 Beta! at the iOS 6.x -; I decided to dedicate an hour of my life last night to winding up Siri. ...
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    Smile Siri on iPad 3 running iOS 6 Beta!

    I decided to dedicate an hour of my life last night to winding up Siri.
    Siri is really interacts with EVEN tells you off! :=)

    Okay, the first screenshot I want to show you is:

    Right, now how did I get Siri to say this?
    Well...originally I asked "Where am I?" And Siri told me my location. Which was cool.
    Then I decided I wanted to be rude to Siri, so I asked "Where the hell am I?"
    Siri immediately picked up on the word "hell" so decided to give me a lecture in theology.

    Right this next photo I'm going to show you had to be censored in Photoshop.
    Can't have swearing on the forum. I had to swear to demonstrate Siri's response!
    It tells you off for swearing. I love Siri.
    Also, don't bother trying to get intimate with Siri. It doesn't want to know!

    Now, if you want to ask Siri a question...ALWAYS remember to ask nicely.
    ESPECIALLY when asking a very delicate question.
    For example, Siri is to put it...sensitive.
    The word retard is a huge insult! being asked to define it...even more insulting!
    So, unless you ask nicely...good luck getting Siri to give you the definition of retard!

    Mhmmm....absolutely no sense of humour Siri!

    My apologies Siri,
    I didn't mean to call you a retard!
    I know you're just trying to help me.
    I just take pleasure out of winding you up.

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    I love Siri. Has it become smarter or it only my impression?



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