Hello dear Hackint0sh-community.

First off, my setup:
I am German and live in Germany. I set up my iPhone 4S in English, because I find the German interface too "crowded" (i.e. many buttons have much longer descriptions in German when compared to the English original, so far even that some buttons get 'cut off' after some letters and end with ...).
So far so good. Now, in iOS 6 there is a feature that I have been looking for for a long time, which is turn-by-turn navigation.
It said that it would need Siri activated (which I had turned off as I never used it). So I figured it would use Siri's language settings, which I set to German.

Now I noticed that for some reasons, the navigation software uses the English Siri, which coupled with German street names is rather hilarious

Is there a hidden setting (or an obvious one that I am not seeing) to change this? Or am I stuck with this?

Best regards