iphone 4s 32gb
network- Not Available
version-5.1.1 (9B206) (jailbroken)
Carrier- Not Available
Model- MD379LL
Modem Firmware-_______
ok here the issue about 2 weeks ago my phone started repeatedly restarting. So i did a hard reset....when it turned back on status bar language changed to Japanese and date changed to December 31 1969. I tried to update the device via itunes (newest version) it started to then screen flickered during the preparing iphone section....i also tried in DFU and pwnd DFU all times i get errors...21,11,1600,1611. So i tried on different computer that had never had itunes or ever had a idevice plugged in and still same thing. So used iReb to kick out of the "plug into itunes" tried to do a erase all content it went to the black screen with little circle thing, i left it for about 4hr and never got past that....so then i tried all settings reset and set as new iphone....same thing nothing changed...then i realized that the only time the phone would stay on for anytime at all it had be plugged into outlet....second i unplug the phone shuts off with no warning....so i ordered a new iphone battery and installed it....same thing....only time i can get past apple logo for any duration is if plugged into the wall....im not sure what to do...the phone is out of warrenty.... please help me oh BTW wifi is greyed out and wont let me turn it on....and my carrier is sprint but it wont find signal it just says searching....and in settings my number comes up as UNKNOWN