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Discuss Help recovery mode f*** up!! at the iOS 5.x -; Hi, I jailbroke my phone (iphone 4s) With Absinthe, an untethered jailbreak, and everything went ...
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    Exclamation Help recovery mode f*** up!!

    Hi, I jailbroke my phone (iphone 4s) With Absinthe, an untethered jailbreak, and everything went smoothely untill i clicked jailbreak on the wrong version of absinthe to try to upgrade to ios6 (I am not experienced with this so i thought it would upgrade me) it ended up my phone went into dfu mode. I went out of dfu mode using a trick, and i got into recovery mode. So i said oh, thats easy all i have to do is go into abs- wait... there is no Recovery mode fix! So i downloaded redsn0w and tried using pwned dfu and recovery mode fix. Did not work. I downloaded Recboot, and tried to do "Exit recovery Mode" and it turned off my phone and turned it back on... in recovery mode (fail), i downloaded tinyumbrella... and i did kick out of recovery... it no work. I NEED HELP NOTHING IS WORKING TO GET ME OUT OF RECOVERY MODE AND I DONT WANT TO RESET MY PHONE BWAAHH WAHHHHHH

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    If TinyUmbrella/redsn0w/sn0wbreeze cannot kick your phone out of recovery mode, you're pretty much stuck. If the phone is getting to the point that SSH is working or that you can get access to the filesystem over USB, you may be able to manually fix what is broken, but ultimately my guess is you're going to need to restore.

    Since Apple is signing 6.1.2, you need to do this ASAP before 6.1.3 releases.

    1) Upgrade your phone to 6.1.2
    2) Jailbreak with evasi0n
    3) Restore from your most recent backup

    DON'T blindly tell anything to upgrade or jailbreak your phone in the future. You're lucky that the current version of iOS has a jailbreak, if it didn't and you didn't have SHSH, you would be unable to jailbreak again.
    The preceding forum post has been brought to you by the letter "N" and the number 42.

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    iPad 2 3G, 64GB (iOS 6.1.2 | evasi0n
    SHSH: 4.3 & 4.3.3 - 6.1)

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