Hey everybody it has been a while since I have posted as I've been very busy but i'm back, iPhone 4 in hand and recently upgraded to iOS 5. I have an iPhone 4S on the way too.

However I tried to backup my SMS messages today, to find that no matter what I try I cannot get the message file (some ridiculous file hidden away in %AppData% after backing up to my Windows PC) into a readable state.

I have the file, I just want to be able to see the messages in a .csv file like I did on iOS 4 without a hitch by using a SQL browser!

Doing the same on iOS 5 doesn't seem to work. I've tried Free iPhone SMS Backup - Export and Archive SMS from Apple iPhone as well but no luck, returns a blank file. It is 7.5mb in size and opening it in notepad gives me all kinds of craziness, so has anyone managed to get their SMS into a file without having to copy and paste messages from my Messages.app from my phone?

Any help greatly appreciated!