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Discuss cant activate i phone 3gs ios 5.0.1 becuse sim un supported at the iOS 5.x -; do i file well do the jop and who ? or can gave me link ...
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    do i file well do the jop and who ? or can gave me link and thanx

    Is not easy for most people. Few people have the experience like you, sir. So we need people like you proficient. Help us. . It was for me a good idea to celebrate the New Year with OS 5. I think I will not face any difficulty in the upgrade. Without people like you. We were in a bind. I'm not in the United States. Friend was telling me that I had written the word is respectable I'm sorry about them is not good in English. As I can not use or possess a / at.or whatever is it . I did not know that the use of the device in the United States only or were i dont know . I bought it user. From a seller did not tell me about the nature of the use of the device. So please help us step by step. Thank you Again . And thanks for all the experts who SAVED the day
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    Unfortunately as I have never had to manually patch the commcenter (as I don't presently unlock), I don't have step by step instructions to give. That said, wortel's posts on the forum should be pretty informative and should help . My (limited) understanding of the situation is this:

    1) Find wortel's post that shows the current offset and data to change in the CommCenterClassic file. I believe (but am not 100% certain) that you need to retrieve the CommCenterClassic file from iOS 5.0.0, as the one from 5.0.1 cannot be used.
    2) Download a hex editor for your operating system-- google it, there are many free ones.
    3) Open CommCenterClassic in your hex editor, navigate to the offset specified in Wortel's post, and change the data as instructed to the value that wortel posted.
    4) Use a tool like iPhoneBrowser/DiskAid/iFunBox to move the file back to the iPhone.
    5) Run the two commands that wortel mentions ("ldid -s" and "chmod +x") on the files FROM the iPhone in terminal or over an SSH connection to the phone.
    6) Reboot the phone.

    Alternately, and the much easier way, is just to use the repository that is mentioned in the same CommCenter thread -- someone has already turned this patch into a Cydia package that doesn't require the heavy lifting.
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