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Discuss wifi/bluetooth greyed out. at the iOS 4.x (iPhone OS 4.x) -; Hello, i did see other posts on the forums, via the search tool, but i ...
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    Default wifi/bluetooth greyed out.

    Hello, i did see other posts on the forums, via the search tool, but i would like to humbly ask for help with this issue.

    I got the iphone 3g not too long ago, had to change the screen - no problem there hardware is more or less on same principles everywhere.

    Now the problem comes when i looked for wifi and later bluetooth after reading some posts and guides on fixing them, most of which are fairly old... I did jailbreak it (the problem was there without jailbreak as well).

    The main problem comes here, as i am entirely new to iStuff and hacking/slashing it, as i mostly use my SE X10. Could i just get some guides to give me the understanding needed to proceed with fixing NVRAM (thats whats wrong as far as i did read...) I got no idea how to install payload which is provided in the guide, and iLiberty seem to be a fairly old piece of machinery, and i am unsure if i should proceed with that...

    Just to clarify everything else does work perfectly fine, theres Cydia, though i am not sure if i need most of the things it provides. It is Unlocked as well. Model as stated in about section MB489B, wifi address is displayed as N/A and bluetooth is just 0's. Modem firmware 05.15.04. Currently running iOS 4.2.1

    Help is appreciated, as it is second day i am pulling my hair looking for a solution

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    Apologies for the delay in replying. You're correct that most of those tools are completely outdated. In most cases, when the IMEI is 0'd and the WiFi doesn't work, it's due to a bricked baseband. You can sometimes recover these by flashing an iOS revision that includes a baseband update to the device in DFU mode. Since you're running iOS 4.x, you will need an SHSH to restore 4.x again. If you don't know what those are, you may be out of luck but get TinyUmbrella and use it to pull any that are on file. If you don't have any SHSH, you can use iFaith to grab the partial SHSH blobs from your running 4.2.1 and use that to restore to 4.2.1 again.

    The biggest concern is that in most cases, this isn't fixable. You may be lucky and reflashing the baseband will restore service, but in a lot of cases, attempting to restore the phone winds up in a bootloop because the baseband cannot successfully flash. At that point, the only possible way to get the phone out of the bootloop is to restore it again with a custom firmware that doesn't have the baseband (you can use redsn0w or PwnageTool to create a custom firmware without the baseband).
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