I received a new iphone in the mail today because my new one (of 3 weeks) started acting up on me. I'm trying to save my contacts to my computer so that I can sync them to the new one but it's not letting me. I followed these steps: (with the old one)

1. Opened i-tunes
2. Set up as new iphone
3. De-selected the automatically sync boxes then chose done.
4. Selected the info tab at the top
5. Selected Sync with contacts (windows contacts)

After that step I am having troubles. I select the box and then on the bottom sync doesn't show up. I get two selections, one says Revert and the other says Apply. If i select apply, it asks if i want to remove 11 apps including "Alarm Clock" from the iphone. This will delete the apps and their info from the iphone.

Is there anything I can do to get the contacts or am i just out of luck? Can anyone help out please?