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Discuss TomTom App no signal at the iOS 4.x (iPhone OS 4.x) -; ive been looking around and i havent found a real answer regarding this i have ...
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    Default TomTom App no signal

    ive been looking around and i havent found a real answer regarding this

    i have a 3gs Jailbroken with Sn0wbreeze and unlocked (on T Mobile USA) with Ultrasn0w using iOS 4.3.3 and using the 6.15.00 modem firmware

    everything works pretty much as it should..... tho i am unsure about push notifications

    the Maps app that come with the phone works no problem.. it grabs a GPS location and i can even watch the dot move along my course as i drive.... it looks and appears to work just fine

    i purchased and downloaded the TomTom app and installed it on my phone and i constantly recieve the message: "poor GPS Reception"

    other odd thing is when i do launch the app it seems to know my location on the map but quickly fades to a greyed out type sreen with the error listed at the top

    it was like this when i used a 3G iphone as well. ive googled and checked here and such and have not found a fix (short of buyinh the Tom Tom Cradle)

    im down with trying some "fixes"

    and im down with "there is no fix currently"

    thanks in advance

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    I hate to say it, but this is one of the problems with the 06.15 baseband. There are a few things in the works that the dev-team and such are working on to try and fix this issue, but unfortunately there's really no fix for this at present. You can't downgrade the baseband back unless you have one of the early iPhone 3G models with the older baseband (5.8).

    This is one of the key reasons that we advise against the iPad baseband unless you absolutely have to use it. Some people have had success and not had GPS issues, others have had non-working GPS from the moment they pushed 06.15 to their device. Also, as the documentation for the solution states, it's not possible to ever go 'back' once you've done this unless you're in a remarkably small subset of 3G users who got their devices in the very first few months after release.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there really does not exist a solution unless you've got a 5.8 bootloader.
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