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Apologies for this, as i'm not actually an iPhone developer/hacker at all. However; I am technical and do have a sound understanding of some programming languages and SQL etc; but I do not fully understand the iPhone.

I will keep this fairly short - my 17 year old daughter has fairly recently become involved with an "undesirable" older man; who I am sure is a hard drug user. I'm noticing things about her that make me think that he is influencing her, and she may be dabbling herself; and i'm getting worried.

The reason i am here is because i've noticed that on her phone (An iPhone 4) if you go to the spotlight search and put in the name of the guy i mentioned, a message shows up that mentions something i would like to read more of. However, if you tap into the message that shows on the spotlight search; it just brings up the messages interface itself rather than going into any actual messages (as it does, for example, if i type my own name in and tap into one of my messages)

She has deleted all messages from the aforementioned individual; but it would seem that the phone is somehow or for some reason keeping a copy of the message/messages even after it has been deleted.

I need to read it.

I have taken the SMS database from the iPhone backup that iTunes makes, exported the SQL database to a CSV file, imported to excel and formatted the data, however, the message that i see in spotlight search does not appear (I search for the combination of words i see there and it returns no results)

Even after taking a new backup from the phone, it still doesnt appear in the SMS backup, but still shows in spotlight search.

I am 100% sure that this message is not being held in the SMS database itself. (The one thats created at backup, not the SMS.db that the phone actually has on it; as i understand it to get at that you need to jailbreak and mount the file system which I will do if necessary; however i'd like to keep this as a somewhat covert operation if i can)

I would really really really appreciate any help that any of you can provide with retrieving these "phantom" Messages. I've no idea WHY its still showing in spotlight search - if i send a message to her, search in spotlight, it shows. If i then subsequently delete it - it does not show in spotlight. However, these messages do, which shows me there must be SOME record of it somewhere on the phone; and i'd like to know how to retrieve that.

Please help me, and thankyou so much in advance for any help you can provide.