so here's the situation, i'm in touch 4 running 4.3.5, and it's tethered jailbroken.
i was trying to upgrade it to 5.1. and i already downloaded the fyipsw for 5.1, so i SHIFT+update it in the itunes.
and the chain of problem starts here, at first it stuck on "verifying ipod update with apple" and then came the error notice, i searched to find the solution and i was told to upgrade ios 4 to 5 you need to SHIFT+restore it instead of SHIFT+update it, so i did it.

it was cool all the way until suddenly after verifying with apple and after preparing ipod to prepare, it got stuck again on "restoring ipod software..." itunes screen.

i was literally frustrated and decided to pending my upgrade, and stick with 4.3.5 for the time being, so i closed itunes, and thus ending the restore, because i heard that it will stays at the 4.3.5 and all the previous settings.

but when i tried to put life back to my ipod by 'tether boot'ing it with redsn0w, it stuck on pineapple logo, and when i tried to 'recovery fix' and re-jailbreak it, it stuck in the matrix screen and then it go back to recovery.

i don't know what else should i do, anyone got any idea.
i need to use this device badly

ps: i currently trying to kick it out of recovery ny using fixrecovery43.exe.
i'll inform back about the result.