iTunes version:
iPod OS version: 4.3.5.
Platform: Windows XP 32bit Home Edition (SP3)
iTunes restore Log: PasteCode - PHP -

Hello, I've been having problems with crashes on my tethered broken ipod 3g 4.3.5 (redsnow 9.9b3) which required me to re-tether a couple of times to get out of a crash loop. Just a week ago, my iPod crashed and I have since been unable to re-tether, re-jailbreak, or restore it. Re-tethers would result in it hanging:

1. During the boot process (during the pineapple logo and pineapple logo with loading bar)
2. While it was waiting for reboot (white screen)
3. And when it was running the command prompt screen it would it end in an error which would say "giving up".

When trying to restore with iTunes to iOS5 I mainly get error (14) while in recovery mode. I've gotten a plethora of 16xx errors while using DFU mode or PwnedDFU. I've tried all steps to fix this problem and even tried syncing to a different computer, but ended up with (14) errors. I've included my latest iPod Updater Log above which details what led up to my recent (14) error. I appreciate the time anyone takes reading this post. I got my iPod off of Ebay only 2 weeks ago and would hate to have to shell out the money to have apple replace it..