i restored my iPhone 4 by a 4.1 custom sn0wbreeze ipsw and now its got just a tiny bit of problem. It'll work great as long as im using it (cydia, t-mobile, apps, music, etc) but whenever i stop using it and it goes into sleep mode, after like 5 minutes it will just randomly turn off and wont turn back on. It goes into DFU mode and theres no way to turn it back on - holding both buttons for 10 seconds (or the other way around, 3 seconds sleep, 10 seconds both, then 10 sec home) will just disconnect the device and put it back into DFU mode again (as noticed through itunes).

The only way to actually turn it on is to disconnect the battery - plug it back in, (it will connect to itunes in recovery mode - screen's black) and boot tethered with redsn0w.

I HAVE NOTICED.... that if i leave my music app playing in the background... it will stay on for as long as the music keeps playing. Music stops, iphone dies. I get depressed.

what is causing it to act like such a pain in the ass? Is there a function that might have changed the autoboot true/false or is there any code that can be executed through terminal to stop it from turning off (keep going into dfu mode after it turns off?)

any advise would be greatly appreciated.