I am having Iphone 3gs.

which is totally dead but enters DFU mode,

-I've tried many attempt of making it live again but failed.

-when I use "Fix recovery" in tiny umbrella after putting my phone in DFU mode, white light glows.

and I see "greenpois0n initialized" on a black screen.

-already tries pwnage tool,redsn0w,sn0wbreeze,tss server on and restore,

-after having this screen when I try to restore it with 4.3.3,4.1,5.1 It shows apple icon on the phone.

but when a loading circle appears the phone goes blank n itunes shows error 1618
-IF I try to restore it with ios 3.1.3 then the phone hangs @ APPLE LOGO and a LOADING CIRCLE below it.
and after long time itunes displays error 1618

-tried turing off firewall and all....

and when iphone is tried to restore on DFU mode, itunes shows 2005 error..

plzz help M stuck since 3 months...

its iphone 3gs 8gb.

plz reply me if any solution on my mail.