I've got an iPhone 4, version 4.0 (8A293), unlocked and jailbroken. Have had it since June and working like a dream most of the time.
One thing I experience is when I go from no 3G to 3G area, the iPhone takes ages to connect to the 3G network. If I go into Airplane mode, back to non-airplane mode, airplane mode and back to non-airplane mode again, it connects straight away. If I don't do this procedure, the iPhone can take 5 minutes to recognise that its in a 3G area and to connect.
Is there any way (or app) to make you quickly connect to the 3G network as soon as it sees one? I know it's not the 3G network being slow, because when I force the phone into and out of airplane mode twice it recognises the network and connects immediately...
Thanks for any help / comments in advance!