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Discuss iPhone 3g - No Service at the iOS 4.x (iPhone OS 4.x) -; First I have read and read threads, blogs, documentation, etc and I am just not ...
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    Default iPhone 3g - No Service

    First I have read and read threads, blogs, documentation, etc and I am just not sure why I cannot unlock my iPhone.

    This phone was given to me by a relative and I do not know it they ended the contract early or what, but AT&T tried to unlock it and it was denied.

    The phone is jailbroken since I can access the phone and the Wifi is working. It all works except the phone. Afterwards I ran installed UltraSn0w and took the phone to T-Mobile and searching... at one time, next time, no service (never searched) (interesting because it said voice mail waiting when we first start the phone) and the last time no service and then searching... We tried hitting the airplane mode like the said a couple of times still nothing. I tried RedSn0w again and installed Ultrasn0w.

    I just do not know if I am missing steps or just not using the right stuff. I am a newbie to the iPhone.

    Fuzzyband says

    Bootloader Version06..02 [G2M3S2]
    Baseband Version ICE2-05.13.04
    iPhone OS 4.2.1

    Your ready for Ultrasn0W!

    Ultrasn0w installed and shows a green check mark.

    To jailbreak I ran redsn0w_win_0.9.14b2

    I selected the file and the first time I did

    Select IPSW
    Pwned DFU

    then install Cydia checked and downgrade and that enabled Battery percentage. Maybe I did not need the downgrade but I was following instructions I found and I did not even know what my baseband was (or what it was at the time) since the phone was not activated when I had it.

    I did the same again later but just used selected IPSW and then the same options checked (I just did not do the Pnwed DFU part and I did not install the NO_BB the second time (really have no clue what that is). I just selected iPhone1,2_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.IPSW and then jailbreak.

    Afterwards I then installed Ultrasn0w.

    thats it. Maybe I missed a reboot.. maybe a step... I just am lost and I hesitated to started a thread because there is so much out there. BTW at one point I tried an older redSn0w because that is what all the videos showed. I never did the 06.15 baseband. Not sure if that was required anymore from what I read. I am confused.

    I am leaving for France for 3 months and it would be great if I could get this unlocked.

    If you need anymore detail let me know.

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    I knew I would forget some information.. ultrasn0w is version 1.2.7

    Also at the store I disabled 3g (I just looked and maybe today when I went and tried the enable/disable airplane mode I might have had 3g enabled).

    Any help would be appreciated!!!



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