I have a doubt about the new iPHone 4 viewport.

The Apple guideline specify:
20 pixel for the status bar
60 pixel for the url bar
44 pixel for the bottom bar in portrait and 32 pixel in landscape

what will really change with the new iPhone 4 960x640 pixel

I was wondering if this will be change the bars proportions in the

I mean that with the old iPhone models we had 65% of visible area in
landscape and 74% of visible area in portrait mode.

Portrait: [ (20X320) + (60X320) + (44X320) ] - [ 480X320 ] = 74% of
visible area

Landscape: [ (20X480) + (60X480) + (32X480) ] - [ 320X480 ] = 65% of
visible area

What we'll have with the new iPhone 4 resolution?

The status, url and bottom bar will change the dimension or whatelse?
I assume that inside a 960X640 resolution the 3 bars proportions will

Am I wrong?