As expected, Apple is now deploying iOS 4.1 to iPhones and iPods via iTunes. The firmware incorporates a variety of anticipated changes, such as support for Game Center, Apple's Xbox Live-like gaming service. It also copes with several major glitches, including faulty proximity sensors, slow iPhone 3G performance and trouble with Bluetooth and Nike+iPod connections.

Other features include support for TV show rentals, and two iPhone 4-specific additions in the form of HDR photography and HD video uploads to YouTube and MobileMe. Some previously unannounced upgrades have also been made. Users can now make FaceTime calls directly from the Favorites menu, and take better advantage of AVRCP-enabled Bluetooth devices, for instance through new track skipping support.

The size of the firmware may vary depending on the device, but should be at least 332MB. Supported iPhones include the 3G, 3GS and 4; iPod touches must be second-generation or later. The first iPad version of iOS 4 is only slated to come with v4.2's launch in November.