Hello everyone,

I'm facing an annoying problem when i try to upgrade from my current firmware (4.3.3) to the 5.1.1. I have to say that i already created a custom FW with sn0wbreeze, when i try to restore i put my iPhone in pwndDFU mode with sn0wbreeze, then shift-click restore and point it to the custom firmware.. I had few issues with tinyumbrella, but as i could see reading around it's not possible to use it anymore with 5+ firmwares...? Or am i wrong? Problem is when i run TSS server i usually get error 11 (which i think is somehow related to the NO_BB custom firmware..), but when i don't run it and my hosts file is as it should be (no gs.apple.com line) i get the 3194 error, which is related to comunications with the apple server..How to solve this? If it is somehow relevant i have SHSH saved for 5.1.1.. I'd really appreciate a hand here