Hi, i'm just new in the forum and this is my first thread.
i really need your help guys to answer this =)
the following is my issue !
Device: iPhone 4
firmware: 4.2.1
i've changed the carrier logo by changing the last name @2x bla bla bla ..
now i want to change my wifi logo without modifying the phone itself with such a theme or something like that. i just wanna change the logo just same as carrier logo by replacing the logo file with the one that on the iPhone =)
1. i have three logos .png ==> need an advice regarding the size (95x20 ??)
A black logo for the 3 bars "wifi original logo"
A blue logo for the 2 bars
A red logo for 1 bar ...
anyway, i think there should be 6 logos, 3 defaults and 3 FSO (same as carrier logo 1 default and 1 FSO since no change in status for the logo itself)... right ??
2. i'm using iphone explorer cause SSH is not working anymore and i don't know how to deal with it anyway !! is it necessary ??
3. What is the directory that i can paste those logos and what should i name them regarding FSO or default ??

i really appreciate your cooperation =)