Didnt see it here so i though i would post it, you can make video calls over 3G no problems and they works almost as good as wifi.

Well that didnt take long at all. Only 24 hours since the jailbreakme.com release for the iPhone 4 and Facetime is now enabled to work via 3G. Let me tell you i was very skeptical about the performance over 3G because i know how voip runs on 3G but was astonished about the results. Only time i could really tell the difference between wifi and 3G was when i was running with the phone. It works great over 3G !!! at least during our tests. When we ran speed test we were showing 1500 down 500 up and it still ran fine.

We originally tried using 3G unrestrictor and that didn't work out too well. We also tried VOIPover3G and also didn't work with facetime. So we kept an eye on the tweets and this afternoon an app appeared in the RockApp store called, MY3G. This app is 3.99 but you can try it free for 10 days. Well worth the money if you ask me. Hopefully this company is not like the losers from MyWi. Anyways, MY3G works with facetime !! Just remember a 5 minute call uses about 15MB thats 3MB a minute if you want to use it out of wifi. But if you have the 6GB data plan like all us Canadians then you can finally put it to use. So, how do we get facetime working over 3G. Pretty simple follow our guide below.

1. Jailbreak your iPhone if you haven't yet goto the chart and jailbreak (5 minutes)

2. Start Cydia, let it updated ,then search for RockApp and install it.

3. Start RockApp, let it update, search for MY3G and install the 10 day trail

Done, pretty simple, you will get a MY3G icon on the screen, facetime is enabled by default so go make your calls. Youtube is also activated so you get nice crisp videos instead of the garbage sent to mobile phones

source : Facetime Over 3G