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Discuss Don't let me down!! at the iOS 4.x (iPhone OS 4.x) -; My friend has an officially unlocked Iphone 3GS with 4.1 OS. Battery started dying on ...
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    Cool Don't let me down!!

    My friend has an officially unlocked Iphone 3GS with 4.1 OS. Battery started dying on him slowly and he was unable to charge the phone with it at all for a few days. Last friday the battery completly died and his iphone is nothing but a black mirror now.

    I told him I can help him out with my friends in the world.

    Anyone can help me with this? or should I go back to him and tell him that I was full of it!!

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    Given the symptom, there are really only a handful of things that could be causing this. I'll list them and troubleshooting steps in the order of most to least likely:

    1) Bad USB - Dock cable or bad wall charger. Easy to check, use a different cable and a different charger. Try charging from a wall outlet, try charging from a computer, etc. Hopefully this is the problem.
    2) Bad battery. Not as easy to check, will require you to pop open the iPhone and use a multimeter to test voltages on the battery to see if it is holding any charge. If the battery reads completely zero, there's a high likelihood that it's a dead battery and replacing with a legit, OEM Apple battery will fix.
    3) Bad charging circuit or bad connection to main logic board from dock connector. Hardest of the three to check -- requires using the multimeter to track voltage coming into the main board, to the charging circuit, to ensure that voltage is getting to the battery. If no voltage is getting to the battery, you may need to replace the charging circuit or review the connectivity for the dock connector. The dock connector is pretty squirrely with regard to popping solder joints when the phone is dropped and lands on the edge with the connector, so this is a somewhat common occurrence. Easiest way to check is to get handy with the multimeter and follow the power. If it makes it from the wall charger to the USB - Dock cable, then you know the cable is good. If you can track it in to the logic board, you should be able to confirm the dock connector is soldered properly.

    In any case, that's what I'd do to start troubleshooting -- should bring you to a clear indicator as to which piece is malfunctioning and let you know what piece will need replacing or repair.
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