Hi all,

I'm trying to tweak my iPod a bit to a windows style.
(By connecting with WinSCP I can access to all system files in my iPod)
I already tweaked the default sounds to windows sounds.
But I'm now trying to change the hole appearance to windows images.

The problem is: I cant view the images on my computer.
They are just .png files but they are all transparent when I open them in Photo viewer.
I can open them with paint to, but then I just see a blank page. I cant open them in Photoshop btw. (I can make an other image and upload it as e.g. apple-logo.png as I did whit a windows logo in the settings app. Now i see a Windows logo in the legal notes. )

It's very hard to tweak this way. Because I can't be sure which file I have to edit.

Does anyone know how to view the original files correctly?
(I already tried converting with different converters, but they all give a error like: "Damaged file" or "This file can't be converted")

Please help me